Health And Safety Policy

The policy of PRT is to take all reasonable and practicable steps to plan for and promote healthy and safe working conditions for our employees and to ensure the health and safety of contractor, customers and the general public who are affected by our work activities.

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Environment Policy

Maintain the highest environmental standards of treatment, ensuring full compliance with existing legislation and to ensure that all employees are trained to the highest standards and kept abreast of new developments and changes in legislation.

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Pertiwi Group officially started operation about July 2012 and registered with London Metal Exchange (LME)

Our core business is the recycling of scrap metal from a range of sources such as end-of-life vehicles / consumer product, industry, construction and demolition.

This result in sales of recycled commodities of around 10 million tonnes a year. We have extensive ferrous and non-ferrous operations worldwide and produce over 100 grades of high-quality recycled materials which are taken to market by our substantial road, rail and shipping network.

Supporting our core activities are a range specialist division including industrial clearance, total waste management, ship breaking, servicing local government service providers, solder production, cable, copper and aluminium granulation facilities and environmental consultancy.

Also, through our own and our joint venture activities we are working towards becoming a zero-waste company.


Ferrous Scrap Metal

Stainless steel is a common form of ferrous metal. These metals may be raw metals, purified metals, or alloys contain iron. Ferrous metals are also used in shipping containers, industrial piping, automobiles, railroad tracks, and many commercial and domestic tools.

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Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, do not contain any iron. Common non-ferrous metals include aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, and zinc, as well as precious metals like gold and silver.

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We are recycling of scrap metal from a range of sources such as end-of-life vehicles / consumer product, industry, construction and demolition. Commonly including all type of plastics, electrical / electronics, all type of engine repairs, supply of marine part, etc.

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Pertiwi Metals

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